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Children’s Sports School Kinder-Sport-Schule  Waldenbuch

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

The children’s Sports School is a “professionalized” version of the regular gymnastics class offered by the TSV Waldenbuch. Under the guidance of a full-time, certified instructor (with a university degree in Sports education) children between the ages of three to ten years will follow an educational curriculum (meeting once a week).
Teaching Kinder-Sport-Schule at TSV Waldenbuch, Mr. Jürgen Marx ensures a high level of education with special consideration to prevent early specialization (by keeping the class well rounded), with a close eye to proper coordination.

Content of Kinder-Sport-Schule Classes

Kinder-Sport-Schule classes will lay the foundation to promote exercise, and to systematically develop motor and social skills.


Kinder-Sport-Schule Waldenbuch is being taught according to the latest curriculum.  The new, practice-oriented teaching of the children’s sports school is compatible to the educational plans of Kindergartens and schools.

Organization and Content

Individual care can be provided with an optimal class size of approximately 15 children per group.

Age level 1 (3-4 years)
Working on and developing coordination skills.   Exercises are presented in a playful manner.

45 minutes – 1x per week

Age level 2 (5 – 6 years)
Versatile and playful tumbling on small and big gymnastic equipment , getting used to handling balls, developing stamina and coordination/motor skills.

60 minutes – 1x per week

Age level 3 (7 – 8 years)
Continuing with ball handling (handball, soccer, how to throw it etc),  acquiring broad knowledge of the basics pertaining to gymnastics, ball games and track and field.

60 minutes – 1x per week

Age level 4 (9 – 10 Years)
Multi-faceted education in physical abilities and basic techniques in gymnastics, track and field and various other sports/games.

60 minutes – 1x per week

Schedule of classes

Year born Day/Time Contact
Phone Place
2010/2011 MO, 14:15 – 15:00 Jürgen Marx 07121 / 622681 Sporthalle
2009/2010 MO, 15:00 – 15:45 Jürgen Marx 07121 / 622681 Sporthalle
2004/2005 MO, 15:45 – 16:45 Jürgen Marx 07121 / 622681 Sporthalle
2008/2009 MI, 14:00 – 14:45 Jürgen Marx 07121 / 622681 Sporthalle
2012/2013 MI, 14:45 – 15:30 Jürgen Marx 07121 / 622681 Sporthalle
2009/2010 FR, 14:00 – 14:45 Jürgen Marx 07121 / 622681 Schulturnhalle
2007/2008 FR, 14:45 – 15:45 Jürgen Marx 07121 / 622681 Schulturnhalle

Stand: Oktober 2016

Sporthalle Hermannshalde: next the Ritter Stüble restaurant, on the way out of Waldenbuch, towards Hasenhof/Steinenbronn

Schulsporthalle: Gym next/behind the swimming pool, near Oskar-Schwenk-Schule

Information about Kinder-Sport-Schule Waldenbuch


Children’s sport school is offered through the TSV Waldenbuch 1891 e.V.


Children have to become a member of the TSV Waldenbuch.  The current monthly fee is 3,35 Euro.

Kinder-Sport-Schule Waldenbuch courses cost 25 Euro per child per month.

Vacation schedule

Except for summer vacation, Kinder-Sport-Schule Waldenbuch has the same vacation schedule as Oskar Schwenk-School in Waldenbuch.

Due to logistic reasons, Kinder-Sport-Schule Waldenbuch starts one week after summer vacation has ended.

Trying out Kinder-Sport-Schule  Waldenbuch

Interested children are allowed two free Kinder-Sport-Schule classes to try it out. There is no obligation to the children or parents. During the trial classes we ask that a parent be present.  Children/parents interested in trying out a class should contact the Kinder-Sport-Schule instructor Jürgen Marx.  They will be integrated with the ongoing class according to their age group (see schedule of classes).


2001: Received title “recognized children’s sport school” from STB (Swabian gymnastics association) and the LSV (national sports association of Baden-Württemberg)

2011: Renewal of the title “recognized children’s sport school” from STB and LSV.

Quote from the speech from Mr. Manfred Pawlita, a delegate of the national sports association of Baden-Württemberg, during the award ceremony:

” Kinder-Sport-Schule Waldenbuch represents a premium product of children’s sport”


Instructor: Jürgen Marx

Phone number: 07121/622681

Office TSV Waldenbuch,

Tel: 07157/27618

E-Mail:  Jürgen Marx